Rogue 9 Media visits Chester Comic Con 2016

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Rogue 9 Media is there, so let the fun begin!

On Sunday the 25th of September 2016, Chester showcased its Chester Comic Con and Rogue 9 Media was on hand to enjoy all the fun.  With a plethora of special guest stars, contests, exhibits, dealers and more, we managed to take a trip around the venue to see what all the fuss was about.  Hosted at Chester’s famous Race Course, the event allowed fans from across the area to enjoy a fantastic fun-filled day out.

The Guests

We enjoyed a great selection of special guests at the convention including artists and writers like Ryan Hall, John Wagner, Murti Schofield and Phil Winsalde.  There was enough talent  to inspire the artist in all of us.  Not limiting themselves to just artists and writers, Chester’s Comic Con had a variety of Film and TV actors on the premise as well.  Among the very talented stars were Game of Thrones actors Valis Volkova, Fintan McKeown and Josephine Gillan.  Doctor Who fans may recognise Ross Mullan and Spencer Wilding who also made appearances.  Most notably among the stars in attendance was Star Wars Imperial Officer Admiral Piett, aka: the actor, Kenneth Colley.

The Dealers

The event itself provided a wide array of dealers from across the country who came to sell and showcase the latest toys, books, comics, artwork, memorabilia and more.  Chester’s own online dealer, Comics and Toys were there with a great selection of toys and comic books to satisfy almost every taste.  With a variety of props and collectables from all walks of the comic/sci-fi scene, there was enough for virtually everyone.

The Fans

Lastly, no comic con would be an event without the fans and Chester Comic Con had plenty of them!  Fans from all walks of life came dressed to impress in their favourite costumes.  Whether they dressed as their most-loved comic character, manga hero, super villain, or video game personality, there was no limit to the imagination of the people in attendance during the day.  The Con even had its own costume contest, charity auction and art lessons for fans of all ages.

Without a doubt Rogue 9 Media had a great time (and as a fan myself) had a great day out.  We look forward to the next convention whether back in Chester or somewhere else across the galaxy!



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