Rogue 9 Media introduces Sandiway Ales

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Rogue 9 would like to introduce our latest Client, Sandiway Ales.  Sandiway Ales is a new upcoming local real ale brewery in the area of Sandiway, near Northwich in Cheshire UK.  Father and son team Mike and Paul Hill decided to embark on their new venture late last year and have hired Rogue 9 Media to help with their design projects.

After crafting their clean, modern and unique brand concept with the owners, we set out on finalising their logo.  We kept it simple yet effective.  Incorporating earthy tones and colours to reflect the natural ingredients used in their beer making.  We then set out to design an attractive, and eye-catching pump clips for their 4 introductory real ale beer line-up that will be distributed to local pubs in the region.  We kept the design attractive, instantly recognisable and informative.  Each unique pump clip details the individual taste, colour and make up of the beer.  This gives the customer a clear, easy and informed knowledge of each beers own basic taste…a great marketing strategy when customers want to know what they are buying before they try something new. With just a subtle change in colour and description, each pump clip retains an instantly recognisable brand that customers will soon come to look for.

In keeping with the design of the real ale pump clips for hand-pulled pints, we continued designing the labels for Sandiway’s bottled beer line.  We decided to use the same designs from the pump clips, but reversed the colour scheme to use on bottled beer.  This allowed for the same flavoured brand beer to be used on both cask and bottles but with a reversed label experience that identified each type of brew but still kept the bottled and cask versions identifiable.

Finally (for now) we are in the middle of designing their website while the owners get their brewery set up for beer-making tours for the public as well as their brand new shop/bar.  Customers can drop by for an informed behind-the-scenes tour of the entire beer making process, as well as sit and relax in the pub (known as The Wee Howff) and enjoy a pint or two.  Not to mention customers will even be able to purchase bottled beer and other drink types from the shop to take some home with them.

The Sandiway Ales website will be live soon, but in the meantime you can visit their landing page for contact information and other details on Sandiway Ales.  Rogue 9 will announce later to everyone once we have their site fully up and running.

So, if you’re a real ale lover of cask beer (or bottled) and want something new, then make sure to drop by Sandiway Ales and try a taste of their great ale.  In the meantime, you may even stumble across one of their beers at your local nearby pub.  In fact, No. 4 pub and bar in Winsford are one of the lucky first to be providing their beer to the public now.

Rogue 9 Media, would like to thank Sandiway Ales for the opportunity to provide them with the unique design vision they needed to launch their new line-up.  We look forward to our continuing relationship with them and sitting down to enjoy a hearty pint at the pub too!


Workshop 17 Blakemere Village
Chester Road
Northwich CHESHIRE
Tel: 01606 301000

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