Dedication Matters Toastmaster and Celebrant Services in Chester

Our Newest Client’s Website-Dedication Matters is now live!

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Dedication Matters is Rogue 9 Media’s latest Client and we’re happy to announce their new site is now live!  A new business in Chester UK with a great husband and wife team who are ready to help you.

Dedication Matters is run by husband and wife Nigel Parry and Maggie Hutchinson.  Their new business offers Toastmaster and Celebrant services to people and businesses throughout the Northwest (and beyond).  With years of experience behind them and wonderful personalities as well, Nigel and Maggie are able to make some of your most important events even better!

Services For Just About Every Occasion

Offering Toastmaster services is Nigel Parry, a Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies.  Nigel has received the highest standard of training at The Academy of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters in London.  A true Professional, Nigel has a passion for his profession.  Nigel’s services are perfect for a variety of events that require a sophisticated touch of elegance and class.  Hence his services are perfect for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Functions, Dinners, Renewal of Vows and much more.

Maggie Hutchinson is the company’s Celebrant and she brings her own unique charm and style to the team.  Furthermore, Maggie is a member of The Institute of Professional Celebrants.  Thus she offers warmth and support for events that may need a softer touch. As a result Maggie is the perfect choice for funerals, memorials, weddings or renaming ceremonies (just to name a few).  Above all, her bright smile, compassion and ability to listen makes her the perfect choice for a variety of important personal occasions.

They are available right now for services and events for your personal or professional needs.  Their new website is online and created by us here at Rogue 9 Media.  We look forward to our long last relationship with this unique team. Even more, we’re confident you’ll take the time to visit their site and get in touch as needed.  Perhaps you may be in need of their services…or know someone who can!

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