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Rogue 9 Media can provide your business with design solutions ranging from logo creation for a new start up or help with re-branding an existing business. We deliver print media designs and layouts including letterhead, business cards, print advertisements and more. We also produce electronic designs, including web advertising layouts and templates.

Logo Design

We’ll custom create a design that fits the unique needs of your company. We will work with you to find a concept that represents the image, look and feel of your business.  From simple to complex logos, let us help to brand your business identity.

Business Cards
business cards

Whether it is a simple one-sided card, or a more unique creation in a variety of shapes and sizes, we can help. Business cards allow you to represent yourself and your company to clients in a way that tells them you are professional, approachable, and ready to do business.

Photo Retouching
Graphic Design

Have a favourite photo that needs a bit of TLC?  Perhaps you have an existing website or campaign photo that needs some adjustments.  We can assist in colour correction, image mistakes, resolution errors, re-touching, enhancements, FX and more!

Page Layouts and Posters
layout example

Let us design a visually pleasing layout that will draw your viewers attention to your product, advertisement or event.  Whatever the event or promotion, we can deliver a visually striking poster that will get the attention you need.


We can design bespoke brochures for all of your business needs. A simple page set-up or even more complex layouts for your product, service or event.


Need a professionally tailored letterhead design that suits your company  image?  Then we can help by creating a stylish, practical design that reflects your company brand.


cintiq tablet
  • Affordable

  • High Quality

  • Vector and Raster Images

  • Print and Web Ready

  • Bespoke  Designs

  • Perfect for Small Businesses


“We love working with companies who appreciate bold and creative design”Is that you?

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High Quality Art and Graphic Design For Any Budget


We pride ourselves on quality work. We’ll make sure you get the graphic design items you need for your next project. Rogue 9 specialises in working with small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals and we’ll take the time to custom design work that is right for your project at hand. Whether you need a new logo for a start up business (or maybe a refresh), a t-shirt design, brochure or maybe a new business card, we’ll create a great piece of art for you. We are a small business and we understand and take the time to work with small businesses looking for a fresh start or a new and welcome change to an existing style.

We stay apprised on the latest trends and will help with advice on what current designs are in style now and how they can compliment  your businesses look and feel. We’ll work with you and offer extremely affordable solutions to your graphic design needs. Rogue 9 Media can help you with your next big project, campaign, branding or event.


Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

-Brian Reed
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